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Beach Communities near Alamos in Southern Sonora, include: Huatabampito, Las Bocas and Camahuiroa. Properties for sale on the Beaches of Huatabampito and Camahuiroa, can be acquired by foreigners through a “Fideicomiso” or Bank Trust. At Las Bocas, the rights to the improvements are transferred before a “Notario Publico” via a contract of sale and the Land itself, is on a renewable lease agreement with the local Indigenous Cooperative.

Please note all price are in US Dolars.

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Casa de Las BocasID: 44-258
SummaryMOST AFFORDABLE - Beach Front Home on Sea of Cortez
Price USD52,500
Square Footage2,000 sq ft

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Alamos Rentals

Liliana M. Carosso
Sonora Real Estate Licence #51
Calle Obregon #3,
Colonia Centro
Alamos, Sonora 85760
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